"My mission is to bring all individuals --
children, adults, pre-natal & post-natal woman and couples
together through Integrative Yoga Therapy with
conscious breathing, movement, touch and interdependent partnerships;
ultimately as a means of
helping people to get in touch with their true inner beings
by creating trust, understanding, joy and harmony
among all people and nations.”

Carol Oveross, RYT, Certified Yoga Instructor

Hatha Yoga
Hatha Yoga is more than exercise; I call it Innercise.  
It is a practice of mind-body connection.  
Through deep breathing, gentle stretches and asanas (postures),
all the systems of the body are revitalized.   
Students are encouraged to go at their own pace
and most asanas can be modified to suit individual needs.  
Yoga nurtures our bodies, soothes our emotions and uplifts us,
greatly enhancing our sense of well-being on every level
-- physical, emotionally, mentally and spiritually!


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As you practice Yoga, your actual results may vary.
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Carol's Gentle Yoga intention is to offer a variety of information and tools
to help the student do the "Inner-ise" for in their own quest for spiritual
growth, emotional and physical well-being.