About Carol
Reverend Carol Ann Oveross, RYT,
   Integrative Yoga Therapist & Artist

Carol is an artist, Integrative Yoga Therapist and a Reverend  
with the Universal Ministries.   "As an instructor of the  
practice of movement education with yoga I am better able to  
serve my students and the community with the practice of  
techniques that are specifically intended to affect the human
energy field physically, emotionally and spiritually helping to
create a whole self-realized human being...thus Carol's   
education in ancient healing modalities from Asana & Pranayama  
to the "Science of Life" techniques known as Ayruveda, will
create help balance and harmony in the lives I touch in her
various specialized classes & workshops.


Yoga - My Life - My Lifestyle (Carol's thoughts to ponder)

"Because I’ve had a personal yoga practice for over 33 years as well
as teaching Yoga classes since 2006, I can’t imagine living without   

Now, my yoga practice takes me deeper into that awakening to the  
light of my own true nature by learning to honor the self-realization
of my Authentic Self!”  

As I look back at my early interest in Yoga, I can see that Yoga was  
what actually… “saved my life,”....literally!     And, now, I hear this  
same saying from many of my students too!!!   I began taking yoga
classes in the early 80’s when I was in my thirties and was searching
for more spirituality in my life!   

At that time, I was married with two young children, and felt I
needed something more to ....help keep my life in balance!  My
husband’s workload offered me more time to myself to explore such  
thoughts.   While visiting a bookstore at the Theosophical Research
Society in Los Angeles, California, I found a book entitled  
Patanjali's Yoga Sutra’s” that caught my eye for some reason.  
(Well, maybe it was just the word “Yoga?”) Who knows, but, I
believe Spirit caused me to take notice!   A clerk told me that…”As
a matter of fact, we conduct yoga classes here every Tuesdays
& Saturdays in the Theosophical Research Society's library and
Museum. And, there is a class going on at this very moment!”   
As I peeked inside what I saw made me chuckle!  A very young
women standing up in front of a class on a yoga mat wearing colorful
plastic kitchen funnels that were all lined up hanging from the top of
her head down her torso to her belly which was held by a long \
ribbon.  Sharing with her class a simple explanation of what the
ancient Eastern Indian philosophy of the Chakra System looked

I later learned that our bodies have energy vortexes.  And, that the
energy swirls of those primary colors represented the seven
different areas in our body… the energy from our spine or what she
called our Kundalini expanding outward as in the shape of a
funnel…    I was tickled to see it and, at that time, it did not make
any sense to me at all.... It wasn't until after I began doing more
reading about Yoga

and it’s philosophy and benefits that I realized there was more to
yoga than I thought!  

So, I considered going to a class... talking a few of my co-workers
from The Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising (FIDM) in L.
A. to come with me after work that next Tuesday supported me in
my very first yoga class.  From then on, I was totally hooked!  Since
then, I have been learning more & more about India’s ancient Vedic
wisdom & philosophy that the wise sages taught.  I learned that yoga
is not just for our physical well-being, but Yoga also helps us connect
to that Spiritual aspects of our being!  

This new concept of practicing Yoga on a regular basis has not only
helped me become more knowledgeable about how spirit works in my
e but, also kept me sane with my demanding Multi-tasking 25-year

I felt myself calmer and more relaxed after my very busy days both
while traveling for work and at home.   I began to see more and more
yoga studios opening up all over the downtown L.A. area which pleased
me....that other’s were availing themselves of this wonderful remedy
our busy & stress-filled lives.

The longer I worked at FIDM more responsibilities were imposed
upon me, which seemed to necessitate more & more yoga classes to
help me remain focused inward.   I continued attending yoga classes

after work during the week and even into the weekends .. totaling to
3 - 4 times per week.   Then, after 25 years in my career, the real
estate boom happening around 2005,  I found myself questioning my
true hearts desire to continue at my job, or an early retirement at
59-1/2 years y
oung.  Rethinking my life, after the divorce and the
house that I had purchased on my own in the San Fernando Valley
five years prior, I sold it giving me some financial stability to start
over somewhere else.   

I made the decision to leave that busy lifestyle behind and seek out
space for myself to enjoy this newfound freedom.  Those red rocks
of Sedona, Arizona were calling me for many years after many much
needed “R & R" vacations there during the holidays.
 So, I left L.A.  
Once arrived, I got settled into a wonderful new lifestyle
, living in
my new home on a large lot in Cottonwood,

I found myself wondering what to do with this ingrained busy “work-
mentality” that I still had.   I thought that I had to be “Do-ing”
something all the time!  So, I proceeded to look for a yoga class to
fill my days.  

I found one listed in the local newspaper, which read, “Flow Yoga
with Elena.”  So, I dropped in, met her and took a few months-worth
of classes to realize this was not enough for me.   I found that I
wanted to
actually TEACH this wonderful remedy that had helped me
so much to maintain my sanity without having a nervous breakdown
from my stress level.
  And, with all those busy career days behind
me now, I wanted to help
others who may need this as well.

I took the 200-hr. Yoga Teacher Training course in Integraative
Yoga Therapy
from Joseph and Lillian LaPage in Mt. Madonna,
 Also traveling to Brazil to their Enchanted Mountain Yoga
Retreat Center and to Samasati Yoga Retreat Center in Costa Rica.

Since I received my certification to teach yoga that first year, that’s
exactly what I did…to the point of exhaustion!  I kept adding more
and more new venues where I could teach seventeen plus different
places, with a variety of 23 different yoga classes per week…….and
I even accepted substitute teaching requests to the point that my
life still experienced that awful “adrenal burnout” or “overloaded
feeling" similar to what I had in L.A.!  

So, I realized I was creating more work for myself and needed to
look at what I was creating in my new life in Arizona?    

So, a few years ago, I made a decision to take advantage of my new
living arrangements.  I now had
the room to facilitate a yoga class
for my friends
and only once per week in my home/Yoga Studio,
which made
a lot of sense to me.  Since I had created the perfect
Retreat Center
called "Brown Feather Lodge" for myself to
experience a quiet lifestyle.
   I decided to use my home as my
private yoga studio, with grounds to wander onto with the meditative
tool of the large carpeted outdoor Labyrinth and fruit orchard in the
front yard, complete with the Native American medicine wheel and
fire pit circle for ceremony outback!  I began a more Yogic Lifestyle
with a holistic approach to every aspect of my life...

Basically, now I was "taking my yoga off the mat and into my life"
. I gave more attention to my personal daily morning yoga practice
which included not only my yoga practice, but also the Tibetan Five
Rites, some
strengthening with weights and concluding with quiet
meditation and creating my daily
thoughts, emotions and diet.   

I feel that I have been very blessed to have so much in my later
years. And, now I get to share Yoga with my fellow yogi’s and yogini  
friends this knowledge & sacred space too!    I continue enjoying
just one (1) yoga class per week.  This gives me the space
and time
to explore my own inner consciousness, spirituality and
while seeking out those things that bring me more joy,
peace and
happiness into my life, without the stress!"

In gratitude for my abundance, I remain humbly yours,  
Rev. Carol (aka "Brown Feather") Oveross


Carol has had a personal Yoga practice for over 35 years and has taught  "Gentle Hatha
Yoga" classes to all levels (Adults beginners/intermediates, couples, Chair Yoga for
the elderly, Children, pre-natal & post-natal) all over the Verde Valley in Arizona
since 2006.

Carol received her Yoga Teacher Training in 2006 by Joseph LaPage, founder of
"Integrative Yoga Therapy"  (IYT) and is a 200-hr plus credentialed Yoga Instructor
by Yoga Alliance as a Registered Yoga Teacher, (RYT).  She carries Liability Insurance,
is certified in CPR & AED (Automated External Defibrillation) and is licensed by the
City of Cottonwood.  Because of her specialized training with Healthways, Inc. is
certified to instruct gentle "Chair Yoga" classes at various gyms, retirement
communities, Assisted Living facilities & studios in the Verde Valley and Sedona
areas of Arizona.

Carol has a gentle, nurturing approach to teaching her yoga classes, and says that
she teaches...
"INNERCISE"..believing it's truly 'AN INSIDE JOB'...
"because, yoga is more than exercise - it is apractice of mind-body connection
through deep breathing, stretching and
asanas (postures), where ALL the
systems of the body are revitalized.”

Along with facilitating her gentle Chair & Floor Yoga classes for the "Osher
Lifelong Learning Institute" (OLLI) at the Yavapai Colleges in Arizona for
seven years, Carol is also a talented artist and facilitates art classes for OLLI.  
Among them
were: "Spontaneous Doodling with Pen & Ink,"  "Pen & Ink Cross-Hatch
Rendering Techniques,"  "Figure That!" and  “Create your own Sketching Journal”
just to name a few.   Her artwork has been exhibited in Los Angeles, California,
as well as in Sedona, Clarkdale, Camp Verde,
Cottonwood in Arizona as well as in

(Listing of her art exhibitions are found on the menu page above

She is also listed in the
http://www.portraitpaintingsbyartist.com/free-portrait-artist-directory/ )     

Her current Artwork can be viewed in her private yoga studio in the Bridgeport
area of Cottonwood, Arizona, at the Jerona Java Cafe & Gifts with the annual
"El Valle Art Exhibition." (runs thru March 23, 2015), Mural work in Puerto Penasco,
and at The Healing Arts Center in Old Town Cottonwood, Arizona, as well as on
this website,
click here.



"I would strongly encourage those interested in yoga to attend Carol's classes. She
readily shares her skills and knowledge of yoga. Carol is gentle, patient, compassionate
and a great instructor!"  
Teri Dowell,  Yoga Student,  Cashier at Fry's, Cottonwood, AZ - June 10, 2013

"I highly recommend Carol for her skills as a Gentle Yoga Instructor. She is a 'gentle'
and loving person with very high integrity. Also, as a very talented artist and instructor
she brings her gifts to others in both mediums."
Teal Sullivan, Innkeeper, Lights of Jerome Inn
                        and Artist-Designer at Free-Spirit Ventures. Clarkdale, AZ
                       April 2012


Yoga Testimonials:

Carol Oveross is a wonderful yoga teacher who works in a highly spiritual way so that her students can
have the maximyum benefit of the asanas not just physically, but on all levels.  You are guaranteed to
feel amazing after her class ....A wonderful way to start any day.  
                              - Carole Colburn, Yoga Student & Massage Therapist, Sedona, AZ July 2014

"It was December 2004 when my husband suddenly passed away due to complications of a heart attack.  
We had been married 41 years and the shock of this event was too much for me to bear.  Since I have
no family, and I had to handle all of the legal matters alone.  As a result, I was a nervous wreck and
became depressed which lead me to become very ill.  My friends were concerned about my mental state.  
After many lab tests, it was determined by my doctor that I was suffering from anxiety, which was the
caused my illness.

Then, one day in 2007, a friend introduced me to Carol's Gentle Yoga which was being taught by
Carol Oveross in Camp Verde, AZ.  At first, I could not perform the postures (Asanas) on the mat on
the floor, as my blood presssure was high and I experienced dizziness, so I began with her simple
'Chair Yoga.'  However, as time went by, I noticed I was no longer feeling depressed.  I was watching
my diet, and with practice, I became more flexible, balanced, strong in mind and body, and my blood
pressure lowered.    Even my posture improved.  I can now perform yoga Asanas on the mat on the floor,
practice meditation, and have developed a spiritual awareness, which is an important aspect of Hatha Yoga,
that Carol includes. When my husband passed away I weighed 162 pounds, and I now keep my weight at
approximately 130 pounds.   Many of my friends compliment me on how well I look due to the change
that has come over me in just three short years of time.  ..

Yoga has opened doors to many new interests for me.  I have become a new person with a positive
outlook on life, thanks to Carol's encouragement and her gentle and knowledgeable approach to teaching.

I soon will be 80 years old and have gone back to teaching dog obedience classes privately, and also
volunteer to teach dog obedience at Yavapai College as a facilitator for the OLLI program
(Osher LifeLong Learning Institute)."    

"Yoga saved my life!"     
                      -  Doris McFadden,  Yoga Student & Dog Obedience Trainer, Camp Verde, AZ

ART Testimonials:

"Many years ago, as a child, I would spend hours on the floor with a pad and pencil drawing all sorts of
fanciful images.  I was in a different world of my own.  
Through the years in school and college, I enjoyed art classes.  Then, as time passed, I didn't take
much time for art, as I became involved with jobs, marriage, and other activities.  So, my artistic
abilities became somewhat dormant.

It is only in the past two years that I have again become involved with art, since I have more time,
now that I'm retired.  I signed up for some art classes with Carol Oveross  through the Osher
LifeLong Learning Program (OLLI) offered at the  Verde Campus of Yavapai College in Clarkdale, AZ.   
Through Carol's teaching and encouragement, I've not only learned some new techniques, but I have
re-discovered that "Other world" I was in when I was a child.  I find that time flies when I am caught
up in the activity of creating art.  It also is a form of meditation for me.

Carol has an innate ability to bring out the best in her students through her joy of teaching.   I have
seen her encourage students who think they can't draw very well, suddenly blossom into enthusiastic
artistic individuals.  Her philosophy seems to be what everyone has the ability to be creative and they
can express themselves artistically.

Carol has a zest for life which comes through in her talent as an artist and yoga instructor, which, in
turn, encourages students to excel in her classes and to grow as individuals."

                                                 - White Wolf., Art Student, Cottonwood, AZ.  
All rights reserved.
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